Media Training

Crisis situations can instill a sense of fear - even in the very brave - but poor performance from a crisis management team is not an option.   Stephen Howe Consulting events ensure that organisations, and those who represent them in the media, display integrity, honesty and a willingness to cooperate on those days when work is as tough as it gets.

In Partnership with Stephen Howe Consuting Ltd we run Media Training events for get the message across clearly and effectively

The event will help you to:

  understand how the media will respond in a crisis

  make effective and practical preparations which will give your organisation the confidence to respond

  survive scrutiny by the media

  stay in control

Who should attend a Media Training event?

 senior management teams or key individuals who must be ready to respond effectively in a crisis

 smaller companies which may be threatened by a media crisis

 executives and managers who face personal media interviews and need to clearly get their message across

Our events are effective because:

  they are delivered by experienced journalists, corporate spokesmen and professional camera crews

  we understand what it is like to be on the receiving end of tough interviews

  our events are tailored to your organisation or the business sector in which you work